Row of Typical English Terraced Houses at London.

The financial world has substantially changed since it’s meltdown from 2008 onwards, the phase ‘credit crunch’ was invented and the property market slowed to a virtual stop for most of the country within weeks.
With recent changes to lenders criteria, the word ‘affordability’ has never been so appropriate; what better time to seek Independent Financial Advice??
The question to be ask is, ‘do I start looking for a property or do I find out what I can afford first??’
What would you do?

Well, help is at hand…

Within the ‘Housing Guardian family’ why not take a few moments to speak to one of our highly knowledgeable and qualified advisors who will break down the jargon into ‘laymen’s speak’ for you, provide best advise based on the individuals circumstances, search for the best deals from panel lenders as well as whole of market quotations from leading Banks and Building Societies, with the goal of getting you the product best suited to your needs.
Ultimately having an ‘offer in principle’ from a lender makes the buying process so much simpler and negotiating the best price, even easier.
Having done ‘the ground work’ in advance and having a mortgage pre-approved will only work in your favour; organised and motivated buyers are exactly what all Agents and Vendors alike, want to deal with.
For further advise, call our offices on 0121 448 0717 to discuss what lending best suits your needs and, of course, book your appointment NOW!!